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The Complete ProSEED Backend (JAVA) Course 2023: From Zero to Expert!

Master Backend (JAVA) by building Real projects

  • Last updated year 2023
  • English
  • Certified Course

What you'll learn

Unlock the world of Java Backend Development with ProSEED. This 6 months program is your key to mastering Java development. With hands-on learning, real-world examples, and guidance from experts, you'll gain proficiency in Core Java, Advanced Java, JUnit, Git, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, API testing using Postman, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, and Reactive Programming. By the end of the course, you'll be well-prepared to create robust, scalable, and secure Java applications.
Join us and take your Java skills to the next level!


  • Core Java Essentials.
  • Mastering Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • Effective Exception Handling.
  • Multithreading Mastery.
  • Harnessing Collections & Files.
  • Java 8 Modernization.
  • Masterful Design Patterns.
  • SOLID Principles Proficiency.
  • Fundamental Clean Coding Practices.
  • Git & GitHub Mastery.
  • JUnit Testing Proficiency.

  • Streamlined Build Automation.
  • Master the core Spring principles.
  • Dive deep into its Spring Boot capabilities.
  • Unlock data access with Spring Data JPA.
  • Master API testing with Postman.
  • Create compelling Swagger API documentation.
  • Implement robust security with Spring Security & JWT.
  • Reactive Magic: Embrace real-time data with Spring WebFlux.
  • Docker Proficiency: Elevate your containerization skills.
Java Fullstack Developer
  • Skill LevelBasic
  • CertificateYes

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